Why Choose Atelier Decroix

Tailored Elegance

Our team of skilled designers ensures that each project reflects your unique style and preferences, adding an effortless elegance to hotels, boutiques, homes, and offices.

Complementary Design

The use of fabric wall coverings enhances and complements existing furniture and decorative objects, providing a unified and sophisticated interior scheme.

Versatile Solutions

Our advanced equipment and techniques allow us to work on any type of wall, offering versatile solutions that meet your specific needs and challenges.

Sound Insulation

Beyond aesthetic enhancement, our fabric wall coverings offer the added benefit of sound insulation, making them ideal for entertainment systems and spaces where acoustic quality is paramount.

About Us

Atelier Decroix’s mission is to masterfully unite traditional craftsmanship with contemporary design in the realm of fabric stretching and upholstery.

Anchored by a profound passion for textiles and a dedication to rejuvenating and advancing age-old techniques, Atelier Decroix is set on redefining benchmarks within the British and French furniture industries.The atelier is committed to offering a comprehensive array of superior services, such as upholstery, decoration, and consultancy, all executed with scrupulous attention to detail and an unyielding commitment to quality craftsmanship. rewrite this

The Quintessence of Timeless Craftsmanship and Pioneering Design

Atelier Decroix stands as a paragon of excellence in the furniture sector. With a rich heritage spanning over two decades, our atelier is renowned for its adept blend of traditional artisanship with avant-garde innovation. Specialising in fabric stretching and upholstery services, we cater to an esteemed clientele across the United Kingdom and France, redefining the benchmarks of our industry.


Atelier Decroix: Elevating Spaces with Luxurious Fabric Wall Coverings

Invisible Finish
Our hallmark technique, known as the "invisible" or "blind" finish, ensures that the fabric wall covering is indistinguishable
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Bespoke Headboards
Our popular bespoke headboards bring an element of soft luxury and a smooth finish to any bedroom. Crafted with precision and care,
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Extending Beyond Walls
Our expertise is not limited to wall coverings. We also specialise in fabric applications for various elements of interior design, including
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Discover what our clients have to say about their experiences with Atelier Decroix. Each testimonial reflects our commitment to excellence and the lasting relationships we build through our bespoke creations. Read on to see how we’ve transformed spaces and expectations with our unique blend of craftsmanship and design.

Our Mission

To Elevate Craftsmanship through a Fusion of Innovation and Tradition

At the heart of Atelier Decroix lies a profound passion for textiles and the meticulous craft of traditional artisanship. Our mission is to revolutionise industry standards by integrating age-old techniques with contemporary aesthetics, thereby crafting pieces of unparalleled quality and design. Our portfolio, encompassing upholstery, decoration, and consultancy, reflects our versatility and the meticulous precision that characterises our work. At Atelier Decroix, each creation is a celebration of our commitment to innovation, beauty, and the harmonious blend of the past and present.

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